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Deep Foundation Systems

Pilings and Deep Foundation Systems are a key component in transferring a structural load further into the earth, in order to provide greater support and reach stable soil. These methods can often be utilized in areas where the surface ground strength is too weak or in areas of high ground moisture. Depending upon the project location, these can be a challenging installation. That's where we step-in.

At Fisher Contracting, we are an experienced installer of various Deep Foundation Systems. Whether the system is a part of the final product or utilized as a construction method for shoring a deep excavation, we have utilized piling in various applications. Our expertise includes bridge foundations, seawalls, slope stability means, and pipe rack foundations. We have installed sheet piling in many challenging applications from land to water.


Dedicated people, committed to excellence. That's what we stand for each and every day. We strive to exceed our client's expectations with quality work, timely schedules, and meeting every project goal with safety in mind.


  • Serving Multiple Midwestern States

  • Four Registered Professional Engineers On-Staff

  • Experienced in Complex Schedule Integration and Coordination with Multiple Trades 

  • Experience in Piling Installation in Conjunction with Dam / Dike Stability Considerations


  • Helical Piles (3"-26" diameter)

  • H-Piles

  • Pipe Pile

  • Wood & Concrete Pile

  • Vibratory & Impact Hammer Applications

  • Combination Wall Installation

  • Marine Applications


  • Design/Build

  • Subcontractor to G.C. or C.M.

  • Private

  • Public

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Additions, Expansions and Repairs

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