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Coal Combustion Residuals Solutions

Coal combustion residuals, or CCRs, and their storage, beneficial reuse, or disposal can include a wide-variety of projects. At Fisher Contracting, we have experience with most all of them -- both big and small.

We have been involved in a variety of projects relating to coal-fired power plants. These types of power facilities have large and varying service requirements; many of which we have the expertise to handle. Services such as landfill construction, pond closure, dike stability improvement projects, utility installation, and road construction to name a few. Utilizing the expertise from other areas of our business, we are capable of performing a large and varying scope of services to our CCR customers.


Dedicated people, committed to excellence. That's what we stand for each and every day. We strive to exceed our client's expectations with quality work, timely schedules, and meeting every project goal with safety in mind.


  • Serving Multiple Midwestern States

  • Four Registered Professional Engineers On-Staff

  • Experienced in Complex Schedule Integration and Coordination with Multiple Trades 


  • Process Water Piping Installation

  • Large Diameter HDPE Installation

  • Pond Construction

  • Landfill Construction

  • Pond Closure

  • Clean Closure

  • Road Construction


  • Design/Build

  • Subcontractor to G.C. or C.M.

  • Private

  • Public

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Additions, Expansions and Repairs

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